With Moon Township & Beaver locations available for services, Favored Wellness Counseling and Consulting, LLC was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing integrative, specialized counseling services to Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Our main goal was to create a “safe enough” platform from which to heal from life's ups and downs. Our mission is to empower our clients with the skills necessary to not just survive, but maintain balance and thrive!


Trauma means wound, large or small.  Early on, it became very clear that the need for trauma-informed, trauma-focused care far exceeded our Founder's bandwidth as a sole practitioner so it wasn’t long before she made the decision to venture into the unknown territory of business ownership. She began to expand her private practice by creating a team of clinicians whose core beliefs were in alignment with the principles upon which she founded the practice. She has gratefully accepted the challenges inherent in managing a small business and to her surprise and delight, experiences great joy in growing a team and creating systems to support clients and clinicians alike.

Rock Balancing